This is the letter of provenance for the story in a bottle titled “Moon over Lubyanka,” which I am donating the KGB Fantastic Fiction fund raiser. The story begins:

We met in a smoky piano bar called Dissidents, high up in a building directly across from Lubyanka Prison. It was a gorgeous night. A full moon hung low over the yellow-walled building that had once housed the Cheka and then, later, the KGB. Moscow never looked better.

“Moon Over Lubyanka” was written on May 28, 2008. I placed it inside an old Perrier Jouet bottle which I titled, signed, and dated with a diamond-tipped pen. I then corked the bottle. Finally, my wife sealed it with sealing wax. After which I destroyed all other copies and files of the story.

The story within the sealed bottle is unique. The bottle can be kept as an artifact, or the story can be read, whichever you choose. It is not possible to do both.

This is the tenth piece of bottled fiction I have created, all of which (save one, which I kept) have been given away to worthy causes, institutions, or individuals. Ownership of the bottle entails possession of the physical story only. Copyright is specifically withheld.

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