Bill Lindblad of Alien Motives Books is donating Dimension of Miracles Revisted, a short novel written by Robert Sheckley as a sequel to one of his most successful original novels. Due in large part to its length (107 pages) he had difficulty placing the novel in a market where longer novels have become the standard, and he decided to resort to self-publishing in hope to generate enough interest to facilitate professional publication. The book was printed in runs of ten at a time. The exact number of copies produced is sketchy; he sold them through his e-mail and at conventions only. The initial format of the book was a perfect-bound, trade paperback sized edition. There were, according to Sheckley, two runs of that format, meaning twenty copies were produced. He then shifted to a cheaper, spiral-bound edition, of which he had printed another thirty copies. From a conversation a week before his ill-fated and final trip to Europe, he was looking to print another ten or twenty copies prior to travel. It is unknown as to whether those books were printed, or whether he printed ten or twenty. The full run was well short of a hundred copies, however, making this the rarest Bob Sheckley book produced. This copy is in fine condition, and like most has been signed by the author.

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