Signed Copy of Steven Savile’s LAUGHING BOY’S SHADOW

Editor Nanci Kalanta of Horror World is donating a signed trade paperback of Steven Savile’s LAUGHING BOY’S SHADOW. Signed by by Steven Savile, Gary Braunbeck (Intro) and Robert Sammelin (artist). About the book: “Your problem, city, is that you have no soul. Declan Shea learns the depth of this lie through a series of brutal events, as systematically, an evil as old as the city itself strips him of every last shred of hope and humanity. A road accident, a bag lady, a bird man, renegades from L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, all of these nightmares converge in one horrific moment under a dark bridge. Declan’s live can never be the same because that city, the one without a soul, has chosen him as its champion. As war rages in the dark places of Newcastle, Declan Shea must fight to survive. How do I know? My name is Declan Shea. It is all that I have left. I come back here to look at the lights across the water, out of reach like the gates of heaven. More than anything, I want to start walking. You won’t understand what that means, not yet, but you will…”

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