FANTASTIC FICTION at KGB reading series, hosts Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel present:

A Rope of Thorns Gemma Files is an award-winning horror writer with a twenty-year publication history whose short fiction and poetry has been published in magazines, anthologies and collections, as well as being adapted for television. She is also the author of A Book of Tongues and A Rope of Thorns, Volumes One and Two in the Hexslinger Series and is currently finishing off A Tree of Bones, which will be Hexslinger Volume Three.  
Heart of Iron Ekaterina Sedia is the author of The Secret History of Moscow, The Alchemy of Stone, The House of Discarded Dreams, and Heart of Iron. She is also edited several anthologies, including the World Fantasy Award winner Paper Cities. Her short stories have appeared in a number of venues.

Wednesday December 21st, 7pm at KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street (just off 2nd Ave, upstairs.) Subscribe to our mailing list: Readings are always free. Please forward to friends at your own discretion.