Photos from Aug 15th with Michael Swanwick & Jeffrey Ford
Here are Ellen’s photos from this month’s Fantastic Fiction at KGB with guests Michael Swanwick and Jeffrey Ford.  They both read from their [...]
Brooke Bolander & Angus McIntyre
Photos from July 18th, with Brooke Bolander & Angus McIntyre
On Wednesday, we were treated to two excellent readings. Angus McIntyre read a short story he created from a visual prompt, then excerpts from his [...]
Mary Robinette Kowal & Lawrence C. Connolly
Photos from June 20th, with Mary Robinette Kowal & Lawrence C. Connolly
This month, Lawrence C. Connolly read three horror shorts (one excerpt) off-book (i.e. from memory) and Mary Robinette Kowal read from her Lady Astronaut [...]
Photos from May 16th with Tina Connolly & Caroline M. Yoachim
Tina Connolly and Caroline Yoachim were great readers this past Wednesday. Caroline read from her Nebula-nominated story, “Carnival Nine.” And [...]
Photos from April 18th, with Livia Llewellyn and Jon Padgett
To a packed house, Jon Padgett read excerpts from his collection, The Secret of Ventriloquism, and Livia Llewellyn read from her novel, Transmissions from [...]
Kelly Robson & Chandler Klang Smith
Photos from March 21, with Kelly Robson & Chandler Klang Smith
On a very snowy first day of Spring, Chandler read from her novel The Sky is Yours and Kelly read from her novella Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach. [...]
Cassandra Khaw & Peternelle van Arsdale
Photos from Feb 21st with Cassandra Khaw & Peternelle van Arsdale
Cassandra Khaw and Peternelle van Arsdale read, wonderfully. Cassandra read an excerpt from a novel and Peternelle read a short story. Mercurio D. Rivera [...]
Myke Cole & Joseph Helmreich
Photos from Jan 17, with Myke Cole & Joseph Helmreich
A great night was had this month with readers Myke Cole & Joseph Helmreich. Myke read from his new novel The Armored Saint, and Joseph read from his [...]
Christopher Brown & N.K. Jemisin
Photos from December 20th with N.K. Jemisin & Christopher Brown
A great end to a great year. Both authors read dystopian-flavored stories to a packed house. See you in 2018! Here are Ellen’s photos of the night.  
Grady Hendrix & David Leo Rice
Photos from Nov 15th with Grady Hendrix & David Leo Rice
On November 15th, where David Leo Rice read from his new novel and Grady Hendrix read a scary Christmas story. Rajan Khanna subbed for Ellen, who was [...]
Photos from October 18th with James Patrick Kelly & Jennifer Marie Brissett
Last week at Fantastic Fiction, James Patrick Kelly read a brand new story forthcoming from his collection and Jennifer Marie Brissett read from her next [...]
Katherine Vaz & Chris Sharp
Photos from Sept 20th with Katherine Vaz & Chris Sharp
Here are Ellen’s photos from September 20th, 2017 with guests Katherine Vaz & Chris Sharp. Katherine Vaz read from her collection OUR LADY OF THE [...]