Cadwell Turnbull & Theodora Goss
Photos from July 17th, with Theodora Goss & Cadwell Turnbull
This month, Theodora Goss read from her new collection Snow White Learns Witchcraft and Cadwell Turnbull read from his recently published novel, The [...]
Chuck Wendig & Keith R.A DeCandido
Photos from June 19th, with Chuck Wendig & Keith R.A. DeCandido
Chuck Wendig and Keith Keith R.A. DeCandido read from their newest novels and wow-d the packed house. Ellen’s photos of the night can be found here. [...]
Kai Ashante Wilson & Simon Strantzas
Photos from May 15th, with Simon Strantzas and Kai Ashante Wilson
Kai Ashante Wilson and Simon Strantzas read from their short work and they were riveting. Here are Ellen’s photos of the night.
Dale Bailey & Arkady Martine
Photos from April 17, with Dale Bailey & Arkady Martine
Dale Bailey and Arkady Martine read from their recent novels, enthralling the audience. Ellen’s photos of the night can be found here.
Photos from March 20, with Molly Tanzer & Carrie Laben
Carrie Laben and Molly Tanzer each read from their very fine novels to an enthusiastic audience, while Ellen gave away some audio books of her anthologies. [...]
Peng Shepherd & F. Brett Cox
Photos from Feb 20th, with F. Brett Cox & Peng Shepherd
The crowd braved a wintry night to hear F. Brett Cox read from his short story collection The End of All the Exploring, and Peng read from her novel The [...]
Photos from Jan 16th, with Victor LaValle & Julie C. Day
Victor LaValle and Julie C. Day entertained a huge audience with their readings. Victor read from a new novella and Julie read two of her short stories. [...]
Photos from Dec 19th with Maria Dahvana Headley & Richard Bowes
We had an excellent end of the year reading with guests Maria Dahvana Headley, who read from The Mere Wife, and Richard Bowes*, who read s short story. (* [...]
Leanna Renee Hieber & Cat Rambo
Photos from Nov 21 with Leanna Renee Hieber & Cat Rambo
We had a wonderful evening with readers Leanna Renee Hieber & Cat Rambo, who both read excerpts of their forthcoming works on Thanksgiving eve to a [...]
Photos from Oct 17th, with Tim Pratt & Lawrence M. Schoen
Last Wednesday, Lawrence and Tim read excerpts of their forthcoming works to an enthusiastic crowd.   Ellen’s photos can be found here.
Patrick McGrath & Siobhan Carroll
Photos from Sept 19th, with Patrick McGrath & Siobhan Carroll
Here are Ellen’s photos from this month’s reading, with Patrick McGrath & Siobhan Carroll. Subbing for Matt was Mercurio D. Rivera.
Photos from Aug 15th with Michael Swanwick & Jeffrey Ford
Here are Ellen’s photos from this month’s Fantastic Fiction at KGB with guests Michael Swanwick and Jeffrey Ford.  They both read from their [...]